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The Island Encounters Life and Mission Student Programme is designed for students who love God and want to apply that love to practical life skills. We will train on a wide variety of topics from how to grow in your faith, farming and animal care, money management, and how to share the gospel message in everyday life. These are just a few of the many topics we will cover during our time together. This 3 month live-in training programme is located in the farmland of Sabeto and requires students to live together at Oasis Farm in community, while training and having fun together.

The 4 Hallmarks of our Student Programme are: Life Skills Training, Training in Discipleship, Practical Application, and Travel & Adventure.. These hallmarks ensure a cohesive discipleship experience for students to develop resilience in life and passion for their mission as disciple makers.

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What?  Island Encounters Life and Mission Programme – Class #2
When? September 4th to Nov. 21st, 2022
Where? Island Encounters Oasis Farm in Sabeto
Programme Fee? $200 FJD – All-inclusive
Who?  18-29 yr olds wanting to grow in their faith and learn life-skills
How to Apply? Go to the bottom of the page for an application. Fill it out and submit to jeff@islandencountersfiji.org

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The 4 Cores of Our Life and Mission Programme

Life Skills Training

We want students to leave our programme with the confidence that they can go forward in life and provide for themselves and a family. We will train students in things like farming and crops, animal care, healthy relationships, and how to handle finances. All our training will be done by experts in their fields, including Fijian and American teachers. Also, all training will include times of practical application so students truly understand how to live these things out on a daily basis.

Training in Discipleship

How did Jesus make disciples? This question guides us as we study how Jesus trained his followers to not only be disciples, but to go and make disciples of their own.  Our overarching course of study will be how to love God, love people, and make disciples.

We will apply these studies through practical application, going to the lost and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Practical Application

Everything we teach at Island Encounters will be reinforced by practical application. We don’t want to just teach you head knowledge, we want you to practice the skills we teach so that when you leave us, you will be able to use these skills right away! This will benefit you, your family, and those you seek to influence for Christ.

Travel & Adventure

We want you to experience the fun and beauty of the nature God has given us to explore here in Fiji. Trips we’ve taken in the past include sailing to the outer islands, waterfall hikes, river bilibili (raft) floats, zip line excursions, and more. Wonderful experiences await you. It’s breathtaking!

Our Programme

We believe these 4 core elements of the IE Life and Mission Student Programme will encourage dramatic growth in each student and provide a full discipleship experience. Our goals are to see participants love God more, love people more, and leave us having been equipped to thrive in life and ministry.

  • Life Skills Training
  • Training in Discipleship
  • Practical Application
  • Travel & Adventure

Training Session Details

Session 1 – Foundations

Discipleship Training

Abiding in Christ/TAWG – How to love God and obey His commands, daily spiritual disciplines
Our Identity in Christ – How this reality changes how we live

Life Skills Training

A Theology of Work – Integrity, dependability, work as a way to worship Him
Farming 101 – Soil preparation, weed control, fertilizer use, fencing, greenhouse use, harvesting & storage
Healthy Relationships – Loving people well, money and relationships, family and children

Session 2 – Equipping

Discipleship Training

What Is a Disciple? – The student should become like the teacher, Rabbi and disciple relationship
The Great Commandment – Loving God, loving people, this sums up the law and the prophets
The Great Commission – All about Jesus’ command to make disciples

Life Skills Training

A Servant’s Heart – How to develop the heart to serve people like Jesus
Farming 102 – Machine vs. manual, irrigation, crop varieties continued, how to sell produce at market, value adding, the value chain
Money/Budgeting – How to handle money with integrity and wisdom

Session 3 – Outreach

Discipleship Training

Loving Your Neighbor – How to care for your friends and neighbors, Spiritual CPR, moving from short term care to long term care
Lifestyle Evangelism – Spiritual CPR continued, testimonies, how to share your faith

Life Skills Training

Animal Husbandry – Basic animal care, basic animal health, herd selection  and management, butchering decisions
Permaculture – Planning a home garden, sustainability, using small spaces well
Household Management – Menu planning, household budgeting, sanitation and health, basic first aid

Session 4 – Multiplication

Discipleship Training

Outreach Events and Strategies – Planning Spiritual CPR specific events designed to reach people for Jesus
Mentoring and Leadership Development – The Disciple-making mandate, the 4 P’s of Mentorship, leadership multiplication

Life Skills Training

Beekeeping – How to care for bees and hives for honey production, honey processing, honey marketing
Business Basics – The basics of entrepreneurial businesses, basics of business taxes
Micro-Finance – What is micro-finance, basics of a co-op, micro-loans

Meet the IE Staff

Brent Reimer

Meet Brent! He is the IE Director of Operations and has been leading international trips with students for two decades. His love for God, people, and missions is contagious.

Jeff & Kyndra Reed

Meet Jeff, Kyndra and their 4 girls. Jeff was a Student Pastor in the States for 15 years before God called his family to Fiji to serve. As the IE Student Programme Director, you’ll be getting to know Jeff real well!

Meliki Talolo

Meet Liki, Ola, and baby Titi! Liki is the IE’s Farming Ministry Director and keeps the farm productive, which in turn, supports ministry to the community in numerous ways! You’ll love his family.

Ray & Laura Pittman

Ray & Laura Pittman, are the Founders and Team Leaders of Island Encounters. They have been serving the people of Fiji, as well as, working with students, for 20 years. Their wisdom regarding mission work is unparalleled.

Tim & Tawnya Green

Tim & Tawnya are the Directors of Children’s Ministry. You’ll be working hand in hand with them as they love on kids and teach them what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Sample Weekly Schedule


Our housing is great! Students will reside in our dorm house situated in the foothills of the Sleeping Giant Mountain Range. The rooms are gender based, providing opportunities to build close friendships, as well as, engage with others in true community. We also have a large covered deck where we will eat, relax, and learn together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Links

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If you’d like to lead a group, visit our Team Outreach page.

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