Oasis Farm

Sustainable Development in our local community including demonstration and training at Oasis farm.

Why Oasis Farm Exists

Oasis farm exists as a place to bring people together to learn and grow from one another. The farm demonstrates various farming techniques and serves as a hands-on classroom for locals and visitors alike. Here we hope visitors will be stimulated and educated by various forms of farming such as aquaponics (growing fish and vegetables together), fish farming, permaculture, root crops, garden vegetables, bees, chickens and fruit trees.

Oasis Farm seeks to be a teaching tool as well as a gathering place for all those interested to instruct, experiment, learn, observe, or satisfy their curiosity about as many farming opportunities as we can squeeze onto our 14 acres. It’s our hope that Oasis farm would be a place of refreshment, idea-building and networking as our guests tour the landscaped property, eat fresh fruit off the trees, and learn something from their visit. We hope that those who visit us will leave with solutions to their farming questions, motivation, new ideas and new friendships and partnerships.


  • Brushcutter or Grass Slasher
  • Fencing Material
  • Multi-purpose building to replace old farm house

Special Fundraisers:

“Chickens for Children”

  • Buy a layer chick:  $3 USD
  • Buy chicken feed:  $10  USD

Our chicken income (egg sales) helps to support our children’s ministry, which includes literacy, tutoring, discipleship and evangelism.  Farm donations also help to feed children in 3 different orphanages in our town.

“Grow Trees to Grow Community”

  • Donate a Tree: $5  USD
  • Our orchard income helps provide jobs, training and capacity building in the local community, opening the gates of Oasis Farm to be a blessing to the rural community where we are located.

“Bees for Business”

  • Donate a Bee Box:  $200 USD
  • Bee products such as wax and honey go towards creating small business opportunities for the poor.

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