Everyone is on a journey with their Creator.

The Island Encounters Life and Mission Student Programme is designed for students from Fiji who love God and want to apply that love to practical life skills. We will train on a wide variety of topics from how to grow in your faith, farming and animal care, money management, and how to share the gospel message in everyday life. These are just a few of the many topics we will cover during our time together. This live-in training programme is located in the farmland of Sabeto and requires students to live together at Oasis Farm in community, while training and having fun together.

The 3 Hallmarks of our Student Programme are: Life Skills Training, Training in Discipleship, and Practical Application. These hallmarks ensure a cohesive discipleship experience for students to develop resilience in life and passion for their mission as disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Fijian student to do the Life and Mission programme, you can click here. Thank you so much!

The 3 Cores of Our Life and Mission Programme

Life Skills Training

We want students to leave our programme with the confidence that they can go forward in life and provide for themselves and a family. We will train students in things like farming and crops, animal care, healthy relationships, and how to handle finances. All our training will be done by experts in their fields. Also, all training will include times of practical application so students truly understand how to live these things out on a daily basis.

Training in Discipleship

How did Jesus make disciples? This question guides us as we study how Jesus trained his followers to not only be disciples, but to go and make disciples of their own.  Our overarching course of study will be how to love God, love people, and make disciples.

We will apply these studies through practical application, going to the lost and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Practical Application

Everything we teach at Island Encounters will be reinforced by practical application. We don’t want to just teach you head knowledge, we want you to practice the skills we teach so that when you leave us, you will be able to use these skills right away! This will benefit you, your family, and those you seek to influence for Christ.

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